Scotch Eggs Recipe

April 18, 2014

It’s very nearly Easter, and that means it’s the season for people to have boiled egg-themed fun. I thought it would be a bit of fun to apply that idea to cooking something that I actually wouldn’t mind eating (do people really eat those eggs after they dye them?), so I decided to make some Scotch eggs!

Before moving to the UK I’d never heard of Scotch eggs, and after seeing one for the first time, I thought they were extremely bizarre and didn’t look at-all appealing. A boiled egg wrapped in meat that’s deep fried? No thanks.

I was converted when I ran across a food stall called Scotchtails and I tried one of their samples for my first Scotch egg. I’m a bit spoiled now because I’ve only ever had their amazing version until today when I made my own. They’ve set a very high standard, so I’m a bit scared to try others– they can be very dry. Scotchtails usually serve theirs with a salad and sweet potato fries, so that’s what I’ve tried here today. I also used a store-bought honey mustard dressing for the salad, which was a perfect fit.

I’m so proud of how mine turned out that I’d like to share the recipe with you. It’s fairly simple and very delicious!  continue reading

Vintage Portraits in Decor

April 14, 2014


I’ve decided that I really like portrait paintings. This is news to me because I’m pretty sure that I found portraits boring until very recently. I’m converted because I’ve seen some inspiring use of portraits lately, and I love that it adds colour and character. Whenever I see one I want to know the story of the person and how they came to be a subject for a painting.

I think I like the portraits that have a slightly garish use of colour and expressive strokes. Our flat could use a splash of colour on the walls, so I’m thinking I may want to hang a portrait in this style. I can’t quite get behind the idea of hanging a portrait of a stranger, so what I’m thinking is that I may try my hand at painting a small portrait  of my great-grandmother. I went to art school… sort of. Art history counts, right?

I think half of the battle with art is doing a piece with conviction. I’m going to try my best and see what comes out. I’m pretty sure it’s difficult, but I may secretly be the next Matisse!

Photos via 1, 2, 3, 4

The Fluoro Yellow Bag from Cambridge Satchel Co

April 11, 2014

You may have seen me Instagram about this, but I finally ordered myself a new bag and it arrived on Wednesday. Meet my new Fluoro Yellow bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

I’ve been lusting after this bag in this colour for years, and after working with the company last month to host a giveaway through Lomography, I decided it was finally time to buy a bag for myself. This particular colour and size is £125, so it’s quite a commitment for me (no house-item purchases this month!).

Now that I have my bag, I want to give you a little review of it…

I knew I wanted the fluoro yellow bag and I’m pretty sure I’d seen it in person before, but somehow when it arrived it seemed bright. It’s hard to capture this on a photo, but perhaps this helps:

I’m getting used to the brightness and I love it– it stands out, and it probably protects me at night like a safety vest! #bonus continue reading

Leather Laundry Basket?

April 10, 2014

I got a new camera yesterday… again. It’s a Zenit SLR and it takes 35mm film. I honestly can’t guess how many cameras I’m up to now. Seven to ten? Something like that?

I was on the Habitat website this morning trying to hunt down a stylish way to store the cameras and have quicker access to them. Right now half of them are taking over my desk and the other half are in a box in the closet due to a lack of space. I did find that beautiful wall shelving at West Elm a little while ago, but I don’t imagine those shelves will be deep enough to hold a camera (or seven).

Right about here you’re probably noticing that I’m talking about shelves, but I’m showing pictures of laundry baskets. While clicking around the Habitat website for the shelves, I found these laundry containers and got completely sidetracked. I’ve never seen anything like this leather laundry bag– doesn’t it remind you a little of a lunch bag? And that colour on the leather is amazing. Then after I was already in love with the leather bag, I saw the rattan basket. It’s so sleak and simple. I’m very much in favour of whites, wood and brown in a bathroom– it seems very “zen” to me.

I won’t tell you what our current laundry basket is, but I will say that it was purchased ironically while Tom was in college– sort of like how I ironically bought Spiderman sheets when I was in college. You getting a picture? We need a new basket.

This isn’t tip-top on my list of things to spend money on (especially as the leather bag rings in at £150), but I’m locking this away in my memory bank. I’m really trying to adapt the approach that if you need to buy something, you may as well get a quality product and only buy it one time. For me that means acquiring things slowly, but as my dad says, “I’ve got more time than money.”

Ikea Bumerang Hanger for Hanging Art (Part 2)

April 6, 2014

I hung the new Debbie Carlos print yesterday! I couldn’t take a picture because the band was off playing a show for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition in Somerset. We didn’t win (boo), but it was an amazing experience.

Back to the print… This is just the temporary home of this print. It enables me to get rid of the scroll that was hanging there before, but will be moved once I decide on what I really want to hang there. I’m thinking this may end up going in the entryway over our new bench when it arrives next month.

I’m enjoying the look of the Ikea Bumerang hanger. Typically, you see these used with much smaller prints, but I think it’s still very successful here. I will confess, however, that I had to use a little White Tack in the top corners to prevent them from flapping over initially. It looks like the White Tack has popped off now and the print is holding just fine, but if you choose to try this with a print of this scale, you may need a little on hand just in case.

This is a very simple and affordable hack, and if you have some unframed prints lying around, it’s a tip that I recommend considering!