Staying Focused with Your Home Design

September 17, 2014

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Editing is one of the hardest things to master when you’re decorating your home. It’s actually a lot like shopping for clothes in a way. You see something that looks good on a friend or a mannequin, and you want it for yourself without thinking about how it fits into your life. I thought that most of our decor purchases were resolved, but we’ve needed to buy quite a few things for the new flat. Alongside new purchases, some items are being slowly phased out or repurposed.

I arranged the new living room like I mapped out in my head before we moved in and it was a #fail. We immediately reshuffled and landed on a better solution, but it still wasn’t sitting well with me. I hate it when something nags you and you can’t pinpoint why! I decided to let it sit for a few days and, in that time, I came across this lovely flat on My Scandinavian Home. It is SO MY STYLE. I love it. Some of the items are even similar to my own flat, which made me wonder why I liked it so much more.

Well, they have a lot of awesome pieces that I don’t have (and covet) like those Ercol chairs, for a start. But aside from that, I liked that it was very minimalist and clean. The sofa, for example, doesn’t have any cushions on it. I started to clear away some of our accessories, and suddenly the room looked so much more sophisticated! It reminds me of a Coco Chanel quote: 

“Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.”

I must remember not to over-clutter our new space (or to artfully clutter it?), and that inspiration all came from this lovely Swedish flat. This flat is now the equivalent to my decorating spirit animal.

Do you have a flat that you look at a lot for inspiration?

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My (Very Easy) DIY Terrarium

September 15, 2014


This weekend I went to the Columbia Road flower market in London for the first time. I’ve been on a mission to make a terrarium for a few months now, and it turned out that succulents (which is what the little little plants are called… I’m not weird) were a little tricky to find once I set my mind to it. I went to a few florists and even tried a big box garden center and had no luck. Thankfully, the flower market had the small size I needed, and at only 3 for £5. That’s pretty good considering West Elm charge about £8 each in their shop.

There are a lot of tips and instructions around for making terrariums, but I’m going to give you my very simple tips based on the advice of the lovely plant specialists at the market.

diy terrarium

Some instructions call for rocks, sand, and charcoal for your terrarium. While this can create some nice layers, they’re not all necessary. Also, if you’re working with a small container like I was, keep it simple with the layers because your bowl will fill up quicker than you think. All you need is cactus soil and rocks.

Add a layer of rocks to the bottom, being mindful that it’s not too shallow, or you wont be able to see it from the side once you’re finished.

Add a layer of dirt to cover your rock layer, but not too high. Start positioning your succulents/cacti in the bowl, then fill around them with dirt so that your plants sit securely (no need to pack the dirt tightly). I watered my plants a little to help them sit in place a bit better, but I didn’t add too much because succulents only require watering every 2 weeks, and some of my plants had been watered recently. I mixed some cacti in with my succulents, and they only require watering every 3 weeks, but I was advised that it should be fine because the succulents will take water away from the cacti.

I picked up a couple of other cacti to potentially go on my dining table when it arrives this week, but it’s hard to know whether they will end up there because not much has gone like I planned out in the flat so far. Initially I was a bit upset by this, which sounds silly, but now I’m excited by the opportunity to further hone in on our style. The flat is better off for me editing my decisions. I’ll share a little of my inspiration with you later this week!


Introducing… The Maisonette!

September 13, 2014

the maisonette

Where have I been for two weeks, you may have asked. This move has been one of the most dragged out and tiring moves in my memory. We moved out of the last flat two weeks ago, into the new flat one week ago, and the week since has been spent unpacking and shelf-hanging (and we’re still not done).

We’ve been doing quite a bit of DIY projects, and we’ve ordered in a bunch of new furniture for the flat, so I look forward to slowly unveiling those things as they’re ready. It’s amazing how different our furniture looks in the new space. I’ve had to rethink the way I accessorize, and ideas I thought would work, haven’t all worked so far. This is causing me to have a tiny mental crisis, but I’m working on that.

With that preamble out of the way (and my sincerest apologies for being away so long), allow me to introduce you to The Maisonette! Also lovingly hashtagged as #theMaisonette if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter. These photos were taken within minutes of getting the keys to the flat, so it’s basically empty. That’s probably better anyway, so you aren’t biased by seeing it filled with stuff.

I’m still without internet in the new flat until the end of this week, but I’m going to try not to leave such an appalling gap in posting. In the meantime, have a look in our flat…  continue reading

What’s Going On?

September 3, 2014

This post is a quick check-in because this week has been unusually busy for me. We’ve been packing and moving, and there’s a one-week gap between moving out of our last flat and into our next flat. I’ve also been working on developing a design for a stool for the new flat that is potentially amazing. I’m imagining it in our kitchen, and I wish I could have it already! We’ll be in the next flat this weekend, and I’ll be taking photos of the empty flat to introduce it to you.

Moving is a really stressful time, and in addition to that, I’ve just accepted a new job. There’s a lot to think about, and I’m a bit of a worrier when I feel like there are too many unknown elements. I’d really like to work on going with the flow a bit more.

I used this photo today because I’ve been thinking a lot about what the office space will look like in the new flat. One of the big reasons we decided to move is because we wanted more space– specifically, office space. Now that we’ll have it, I want it to be a creative and comfortable environment where we can work and where I can do blog projects. I really like this type of layout where there are work stations. My husband is into standing desks right now, but I’m sure we can find a happy medium.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a more full-on post for you today, but you can look forward to many in the very near future.

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The Perfect Round Dining Table

August 30, 2014

I’ve been thinking on this subject for a while now because we’ll be able to create a little eating area in the new flat (we move in a week!). I’ve had windows open on my laptop of images to share with you, but the thought of pulling all of my ideas together for a post was sort of blowing my mind. Every time I’m 100% sure I’ve settled on a table, I see a new design I like. The trouble with looking for furniture is that you have a thing that you’ve never given so much thought to in your life, then suddenly you notice it everywhere! Every table becomes my potential table.

Things I know: (1) the table must me small, (2) we want a round table. Aside from that, we’re pretty flexible on materials. The white table is drawing me in because white doesn’t take up too much visual space, BUT that table is very popular. I’m very concerned about buying too many trendy things for the flat. I want a design that will stand the test of time, not go out of fashion. A wood table could be lovely, but we already have beech chairs, so I’m not sure if the woods should match? Also, I don’t want the wood to make the space to brown and dark.

Maybe we should just suck it up and get the white table until we can afford to really spend some money on a table? Ah, choices!

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