2016 Stendig Calendars Now Available for UK

August 25, 2015

2016 stendig calendar

It’s that wonderful time of year again when I get to announce to you that Stendig calendars for 2016 are now in stock! Hoo-ray! I love these so much and I’m so happy that I’m able to carry them in my shop so you can get your hands on one for yourself!

I say this every year, but please remember that these sell out quickly, so even though it seems early it’s a good idea to grab yours soon to avoid disappointment. I can’t tell you how many sad emails I have to send throughout the year when people try to buy these too late. They’re limited editions, so once they’re gone, they’re GONE.


Baby Hospital Bag Hack: Baby Outfit Packs

August 17, 2015

baby hospital bag

Today’s post is a really quick one for any expectant moms out there who are preparing their hospital bags for delivery. I’m 29 weeks and slowly starting to get mine prepared, which I’ll share when it’s all done. For now I wanted to share a really simple and helpful tip for packing your baby’s clothes.

With everything going on after you deliver, it’s very possible that you wont be the one to dress your baby after he/she arrives. That means a nurse or dad will need to be able to go through your hospital bags to find what to dress the baby in. Baby outfits comprise quite a few layers which can shift all over your bag and get a bit confusing if you have multiple outfits, so a top tip is to bag your outfits up in freezer bags!

My hospital recommends bringing three outfits, so I’ll have three labelled freezer bags with outfits– one for after birth, one for going home, and one spare. Here’s what I’ve packed in each bag:

a hat
a onesie/bodysuit
a sleepsuit (with built in mittens and enclosed feet)
a bib
a cardigan (for the home outfit)
one diaper

This will help keep the hospital bag neat and should help make it easy for anyone who needs to dress the baby. Easy!

Do you have any hospital bag hacks/tips?

Killer Nursery Vibes

August 13, 2015

via A Beautiful Mess

Check out this swanky nursery! I pinned this a week or so ago and I keep coming back to it because it’s so similar to what I’m going for with my little one’s baby corner. She even has the lion version of our leopard blanket! This lady and I are nursery soul sisters.

I love her use of colour here. She keeps the furniture simple so that she can have more fun with the rug, chair, and various splashes of colour. I originally thought I was going to go for a black and white theme (like I also started out thinking with my living room),  but once I started finding little pieces I loved, that fell apart pretty quickly. I think the multicoloured look is fun, gender neutral, and warm. Even though we know we’re having a boy, I like the idea of a room that isn’t all blue and screaming BOY!

Our crib arrived this week and we have a few IKEA pieces arriving on Monday. Once we get everything built I’ll be able to share a few snaps of how his little corner of our bedroom is coming along!

Felt Ball Garland DIY

August 11, 2015

felt ball garland

It’s been a while since my last DIY post, but I’m back today with a new one that’s quite fun! I’d never come across these felt ball garlands until the other day, and when I saw it I immediately wanted one for myself. I did a little google-shmoogling to find out exactly what these things are made of and where to find them, and I realised that I could make this for myself! There are people that sell these, but I wanted to choose specific colours, so here I am with a little DIY just for you. If you like my garland in particular, I have one available for sale in my shop.

You’ll need:
a cross stitch needle
felt balls (mine are 2.5cm size)

Thread your string through the needle and tie one knot to hold it in place. You can make your garland as long or as short as you need, just remember to give yourself a little extra length beyond what you think you need so the balls have some wiggle room and you can tie a loop at the end when you’re done.

felt ball garland

Cut your desired length of string and then tie a loop in the end. Make sure it’s nice and tight so that it won’t come undone. If you’re paranoid, you can put a drop of glue on the knot.

Now just thread your balls through the centre and create your desired pattern. If you’re having trouble getting your needle through, it could be that it isn’t sharp enough. Some cross stitch needles are a little dull and not sharp enough to pierce the thread, so make sure yours has a nice point. Once you’re done, tie another loop in the end and you’re done! Easy!

I like this because it’s a simple alternative to bunting, which is everywhere. It’s fun to do and easy to personalise for yourself. Don’t forget, if you’re not up for the DIY, you can also purchase one just like mine in my shop.

Happy decorating!

Sinnerlig Collection: Ilse Crawford for IKEA AW15

July 31, 2015

Ikea SINNERLIG collection with Ilse CrawfordIKEA_SINNERLIG_ilsecrawford_2 Ikea SINNERLIG collection with Ilse Crawford Ikea SINNERLIG collection with Ilse CrawfordIkea SINNERLIG collection with Ilse Crawford Ikea SINNERLIG collection with Ilse Crawford

Can you even? Can. You. Even?

This is exactly what I want to be seeing from IKEA. I have sometimes looked at IKEA products and thought, “why didn’t they just make this tiny edit to this and then it would be perfect?!” They make so many lovely things and make good design more accessible for the masses, but sometimes I wish they would take it a little further.

Well, with this upcoming collection, Sinnerlig, by Ilse Crawford, they’ve done just that. It debuts very shortly in August 2015 and is truly stunning. First off, I want that sofa. Do I have anywhere to put a sofa? No. But that weaving is the jam and I would love to have it! I love the cork and the grey/stone tones. I love that they shot this with some many plants around. I love all of it.

I want that wacky stool, too.

And the bottles. I need all of the bottles.


All photos courtesy of IKEA.