DIY Wardrobe with Copper Clothing Rack

September 29, 2014

diy copper clothing rack

Moving into our new flat, we found ourselves facing a space problem that is probably familiar to a lot of residents of the UK: our flat has no closets. In our case, this isn’t the worst thing that could happen because I’m not a huge fan of closets… or drawers, for that matter.

What I’ve always wanted was shelves to put my clothes on so that I can see everything I have clearly, and easily flick through my options. With drawers, I end up rummaging around and making them untidy, or never putting my clothes in them at all! When we were planning for the new flat I took the decision that instead of buying a chest of drawers, we would hang shelves. For Tom, who likes to hang his shirts, I thought we’d try out this DIY to make a clothing rack.

Here is my version of an explanation if you’d like to try one for yourself…

diy copper clothing rack

I wont be hyper-prescriptive about the lengths of copper you need because you can make this in any size you like. What you need are 2 copper pipe T’s and 2 copper pipe elbows that match the diameter of your pipes. The pipes I used are 22mm x 200 cm.

You’ll have to buy long pipes and cut them yourself with a hacksaw, which is the hardest part of the project. B&Q did not offer this service, but thankfully my husband could help! Each of your section lengths can be any size you like as long as you coordinate them like I’ve labeled below. The middle bar is important for stabilisation, so don’t skip out on that! If you need a rough guide on measurements, here’s an approximation of what we cut our pipes to:

A= 40cm
B= 100cm
C= 25cm

copper clothing rack diy

Once you cut all of your pipes, lay them out as they will fit together and string your rope through the outer pipes. Once you’re ready to slot everything into place, use a little cement glue in the elbows and T’s for extra hold.

diy copper clothing rack

The last step is the hang it from the ceiling! I don’t want to offer any advice on this because everyone’s ceilings are different, and you will need to find the most stable solution for your home. Someone at your local DIY shop should be able to assist you there.

diy copper clothing rack

Here’s the final product! We bought a few baskets from Ikea to store shoes under the shelves, and a rattan laundry basket from Habitat. It does leave your wardrobe on display, but this don’t bother me at all. It looks surprisingly tidy and spacious within the context of our bedroom. We still have a bit of work to do there, so I won’t show full pictures in context, but so far this has been my dream closet solution!

My Personal Uniform

September 25, 2014


blue shirt / brown trousers / sweatshirt / jeans / black dress / shoes / lipstick

Lately I’m into the idea of establishing a uniform for myself. By that I mean that I want to find a formula of looks that work for me and stick to it. It’s so tempting to be trendy but I find that, like most people, every fashion trend is not my friend. The best option is to find a style that is easy to pull together, always looks polished, and can be accentuated with accessories to mix things up.

After a lot of trial and error, the autumn/winter look that I’m going with this year is going to look a lot like the above: boxy tops, boyfriend cut trousers/jeans, and black dresses. Throw a few accessories with this and a pop of red lipstick, and I find that I look surprisingly presentable. The sweatshirt in the middle is an item I already have in my closet and I love it. It’s actually a small men’s sweatshirt, but I wanted something that would fit snuggly and without too much tailoring. If I wear a little red lipstick with it, the outfit goes from ‘bumming around’ to youthful and chic.

The black dress is an old classic, but I stand by it. My goal is to look as well put-together as possible with the least amount of effort as possible, and a black dress is the most effective garment I’ve found to achieve that. My reality is that I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to labor over what I’m going to wear and to put on make-up, so these looks are my best hope at dressing for success. When you look good, you feel good, and I want to move into the final quarter with all good feelings!

Do you have a personal uniform or favourite go-to style?

2015 Stendig Calendars in the UK

September 23, 2014


BIG NEWS! The 2015 Stendig Calendars are now available, and yours truly is selling them in my online shop. I know that these can be hard to find in the UK, so I worked very hard to get them and make them available! As always with these calendars, stock is very limited, as they only produce a limited run each year. The calendars are £59 each, plus £5 for shipping.

Go to to grab yours, and also keep an eye out for something new coming to the shop next week(ish).

It may seem early to be thinking about 2015 calendars, but you’ll be very sad if you miss out. These go QUICKLY!


The Maisonette: The Living Room

September 21, 2014

IMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1300 IMG_1290 IMG_1305

I’ve been slightly avoiding posting pictures of the new flat. This is partially because we’re still unpacking, partially because we’ve been waiting on furniture deliveries, and also because I haven’t been very sure on how I should parcel out the posts. We’ve been doing quite a few DIY projects, like our terrarium, but we’ve also been doing bigger projects like installing shelves in the living room, making a desk for the office, and a bunch of other things I hope to share down the line.

If you recall from the first photos of The Maisonette, the nooks in the living room were empty when we moved in. We have a decent collection of books and cameras, so we need shelves. The last tenant bought Ikea bookcases to go in these areas, but I wanted to do something that fit the space better and would have a slightly cleaner appearance. They’re probably not the most elegant design, but we’re pretty content with them. In addition to books, the shelves also house our projector, which we use to project what we’re watching (Adventure Time) on the wall adjacent to the dining table.

Speaking of dining tables… there was a lot of fuss around deciding on which table to buy. We wanted a compact table that wouldn’t take up too much space and would match with the vintage beech wood chairs we already had. I drooled over Ercol tables for a little while, but settled on a clean white design from Habitat. I always say that white takes up less visual space, and it also made for an easy match with the chairs.

There’s so much work to do throughout the rest of the house that I’m not sure if I’ll be showing another full room any time soon, but I’ll certainly keep you posted as we go!

Staying Focused with Your Home Design

September 17, 2014

bo2 31478 bo5 31484 31479

Editing is one of the hardest things to master when you’re decorating your home. It’s actually a lot like shopping for clothes in a way. You see something that looks good on a friend or a mannequin, and you want it for yourself without thinking about how it fits into your life. I thought that most of our decor purchases were resolved, but we’ve needed to buy quite a few things for the new flat. Alongside new purchases, some items are being slowly phased out or repurposed.

I arranged the new living room like I mapped out in my head before we moved in and it was a #fail. We immediately reshuffled and landed on a better solution, but it still wasn’t sitting well with me. I hate it when something nags you and you can’t pinpoint why! I decided to let it sit for a few days and, in that time, I came across this lovely flat on My Scandinavian Home. It is SO MY STYLE. I love it. Some of the items are even similar to my own flat, which made me wonder why I liked it so much more.

Well, they have a lot of awesome pieces that I don’t have (and covet) like those Ercol chairs, for a start. But aside from that, I liked that it was very minimalist and clean. The sofa, for example, doesn’t have any cushions on it. I started to clear away some of our accessories, and suddenly the room looked so much more sophisticated! It reminds me of a Coco Chanel quote: 

“Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.”

I must remember not to over-clutter our new space (or to artfully clutter it?), and that inspiration all came from this lovely Swedish flat. This flat is now the equivalent to my decorating spirit animal.

Do you have a flat that you look at a lot for inspiration?

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