Notes on Our Croatia Trip (Vis & Split)

July 24, 2014

We got home from Croatia on Monday evening and it was a lovely, relaxing time. We shot the vacation on my film camera, and the soft, dreamy quality suits the trip perfectly.

We spent the first two days in Split, and the remainder of the trip on the island of Vis. Hvar is the more popular island to visit, but Vis is quiet and peaceful. I suppose it depends on what kind of trip you’re after if you want to go to busier Hvar, or Vis, which is further out and slower-paced. I’ve also heard Vis is more beautiful, but I haven’t been to Hvar, so I couldn’t say personally.

The “old city” of Split is the main attraction of the city. It was built inside of the ruins of the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace, so you see a mixture of architectural styles in one small, dense area. It was lovely to walk through and get lost in all of the narrow cobbled streets and stumble upon sweet homes and shops.

The beach we saw in Split wasn’t amazing (especially after seeing the beaches in Vis)– I recommend only staying there for a day or two before heading out to an island. Before you leave, you should see the old city, climb the rickety/horrifying bell tower, and eat at Paradox (a delicious wine and cheese bar). I would also recommend eating at De Belly, a hip-looking design hostel with a cheap/tasty restaurant in the old city– so good we ate their twice!

Travelling from Split to Vis was very cheap (£12 roundtrip)– in fact, a lot of things are cheap in Croatia. Accommodation can be a little pricey in the high season, but food, wine and beer is very affordable. The fish is so fresh that I ate it for almost every meal!

Vis is beautiful, and there are not a whole lot of travel tips out there about it, so I’ll write a few.  continue reading

Our Home on Made x Unboxed

July 22, 2014

About a month ago our house was photographed for to feature on the newly unveiled Unboxed section of their website. The microsite features photos from some of their customers, allowing you to see what their pieces look like in situ and get inspired! We were featured because of our Ritchie sofa we bought from them, which we love. Do we lay a blanket over it every time we eat to keep it pristine?… Maybe.

Anyway, here are a few photos of other homes that I liked after having a little look around…

Not all of the pictures we shot of our house are featured yet, and I did an interview that I imagine will surface at some later point, but I invite you to go have a look at our profile and have a cheeky peek into some of the other homes.

Seeing my house photographed through someone else’s eyes has really pointed out the things I’d like to work on after we move. Immediately after the shoot, i realised how boring my bedroom was, and that’s when I started putting in the work to get it finished. Now looking at the photos of my living room, I realise that it could use a lot more colour, and our music set up still has a little ways to go to get it looking sleek. It’s nice to take a step back sometimes to see how I can keep improving.

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Instagrams from Croatia

July 18, 2014


I hate to go missing from the blog for long periods of time. I just wanted to check in to say ‘hi’ and to let you know to follow me on Instagram to see what I’m getting up to in Croatia in real-time. Even though I’m making myself remember to Instagram, I brought along a camera and lots of film to capture it all and share it with you in a post next week.

Plywood Furniture

July 16, 2014

Typically I’m into slightly darker/richly toned woods (walnut, teak, cedar), but as we start thinking about moving into a new flat, I find myself attracted to a new type of wood for a potential office: plywood. In my mind, plywood has always been a building material that is eventually covered up. It’s cheap and light in tone, so it’s not really viewed as a high-end furniture material. Over the years I’ve seen it used in minimalist homes as a simple material for cabinets, walls, and furniture and I think it must have slowly grown on me!

I’ve still not managed to find the perfect desk, but now I’m not so sorry about that because I’m considering the idea of building one! You may remember me mentioning liking shelf desks– well, what if I made one of those from plywood?! With a bookcase to match?!

I feel like I can hear you saying that you’re not convinced, and understandably so for all of the hang-ups I mentioned above. Given the affordable nature of plywood, though, it’s worth having a go to see what I can make. I don’t know anything about building furniture, but I’ve made a few flat-packed pieces in my day. I reckon that between my husband and I, we could figure it out… if I can sell him on the idea first.

Have you built any DIY furniture with plywood? Any tips?

Photos via 1 & 2, 3, 4

Le Creuset Stoneware

July 9, 2014

le creuset le creuset

Do you love Le Creuset? The classic French brand have been producing beautiful porcelain enamelled pots and stoneware since 1925. Growing up in the States I’d never heard of this brand, but my husband knew it and told me about his design crush on their mugs.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I recently discovered the joy of salted butter on bread and have started to keep butter out so it’s soft and spreadable. I’ve been keeping it on the counter in the wrapping paper on a tiny plate, which is gross, so on the way back from lunch this Saturday I decided to pop into my local kitchenware shop to see if they have any butter dishes.

It turns out that there’s not a lot to choose from in the way of butter dishes. They’re either cow-shaped, or massive ceramic blocks. Tom spotted the Le Creuset section, and I decided to buy him his dream espresso mug and to snap up one of their tiny casserole dishes to use as a butter dish. Le Creuset make a butter dish, but it’s also pretty giant, so I feel pretty good about my hack. My husband thinks I’m weird, but I like it. What do you think?!