A Few Photos from the Morocco Trip

Today marks one week since we got home from Morocco. As cold as I am in London right now, it’s hard to imagine that I was wearing shorts and sunscreen a week ago, but here we are.

There are lots of fantastic places to read about what to do and see in Morocco, so I won’t go into that so much here. If you’re looking for some tips, I recommend having a look at Trip Advisor and picking up a pocket guide. We bought a pocket guide at the last minute before our trip and it was a massive help to us.

We got in a bit later than we planned because customs took ages, so with getting a taxi into town and finding the way through a busy square to our riad, the first night was an intense experience. I think we both went to bed thinking, what the hell did we get ourselves into? The next day we were refreshed and ready, and we really came to appreciate the peace of our riad.

The above photo is from the inside of the shop where we purchased our rugs. We took this shot while having mint tea with the son of the owner. He kindly went out of his way to prepare tea for us, which we really appreciated. He also gave us some helpful tips about finding a few places we were looking for. Getting directions in Marrakech can be tricky— I would advise that the best time to ask for help is when you’ve just made a purchase.

If you want to take a trip to Morocco, try to see the many different sides the country has to offer: mountains, beach, city, dessert. There’s a lot of culture to take in, and I think you may be sorry to stay in any one place too long. It was a great experience for us, and if it’s on your bucket list to go, I definitely encourage it.

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