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Alternatives for Hanging Art: Ikea’s Bumerang Hanger

hanger for art prints

I have a small hack/DIY project for you today, and if you’re into art you should like this one!

I got a new art print from Debbie Carlos yesterday, and if you’re familiar with her photographs, then you know that they are BIG. Big, big. Fortunately for my wallet, I like the look of Debbie’s work unframed, but I thought that I wanted to try something a little different from my usual bulldog clip method to hang this photo.

I vaguely remembered seeing a hanger-like device that people were using to hang prints, and upon research I found out that device is, in fact, a hanger. This hanger to be exact. Only £0.65 to hang my giant print? I’ll take it!! It even has a felt lining, which should prevent it from leaving marks on your print or poster.

When the hangers arrived, I noticed that they seemed to only have a light treatment on them– maybe a wax? It took me about 5 seconds to decide to give one a light sanding and stain it with the stainer I used for my bedside tables (3 coats). It looks really nice, no?

The only (minor) drawback is that for my living room, I’m going for walnut woods, so (in my mind) that means this hanger should be used in the bedroom where it matches the “teak” woods. For now, I’ll hang this photo in the bedroom until I can decide on the photo I really want to go there— then I might move it to the entryway.

My hanger is drying now, so I’ll post a photo once it’s dry and I hang my new print!

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