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Art on Walls: Apple and Pear Prints

I decided to do a post on this last week, but for a number of reasons I couldn’t make it happen. Now I’m glad I waited because on Friday I picked up two prints along this theme in a sample sale– total win!

For the last couple of years I’ve had an infatuation with apple and pear prints. I saw the beautiful graphic prints by Enzo Mari (shown in the second photo), and I fell in love with the simple, modern design. His prints are little pricey for me (Β£219 each for the apple and pear), so I’ve only loved them from afar.

Since discovering the Mari prints, I’ve seen several interpretations of this idea and I’ve firmly determined that I love it. The obvious home for these prints is in a kitchen or dinning room, but, as you can see, they work very well in a living room setting as well.

These prints from Fine Little Day are €27 each and could also sit well in a child’s room, no? This is a great lesson in being open-minded– context is very important with art, and the same art piece can bring very different vibes to different rooms depending on their placement and framing.

With my new prints, I know they’re destined to live in my kitchen. The problem with that is that our kitchen is a tiny little box with one un-nailable wall. No worries. I’m hoping to move later this year, so I’m rolling these little beauties up and storing them for a day when they can go in white frames and hang one above the other in my kitchen. My favourite thing about these prints (outside of their design, of course) is that they are a standard size, so I can just pop them in an affordable pre-made frame instead of having to take them to a framer. That may seem small, but the next time you try to get custom framing you’ll discover the value standard sizes.

What do you think of apples and pears as an art subject? Would you hang any of these in your home?

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