Baby Banana French Toast

banana french toast

If you’re doing baby-led weaning with your little one, or if you’re like me and doing a mixture of that and spoon-feeding, you will find this recipe a fun addition to your breakfast rotation. I like to mix up Winter’s breakfasts to keep things interesting and, while I mostly spoon-feed him, I like to throw in some finger foods to help him improve his motor skills. French toast is the perfect breakfast finger food. It usually calls for sugar, so this alternative recipe is a healthy option. I like to blitz some strawberries to go with it to replace syrup. It’sΒ great for older kids too!


1 bread slice
1 banana
60 ml of baby’s usual milk
sprinkle of cinnamon
sprinkle of nutmeg
unsalted butter for cooking


For 6 months +

Cut the bread into strips. Blend your banana, milk, and spices until smooth. Dip each slice into mixture and fry in butter until brown. Serve with blended fruit– I like strawberries!

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