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Bedroom Plans: Mint, Black & White (& Pink?)

black white mint bedroom

I’ve come to a couple of conclusions in the last few days. 2013 has been dedicated to beautifying my home. I’ve mostly redone my living room and we’re very nearly finished. Even though we did manage a trip to Morocco, I’ve had to make financial sacrifices this year in order to prioritise the house. (I’m not complaining– it was my choice to do that!)

Now, however, I have an increasingly beautiful home, well-dressed husband, and I’ve let my appearance decline! For 2014, I’d like to see us travel more and I’d like to do that wardrobe overhaul I discussed a while back. That’ll mean reducing the décor purchases, which is fine because we’re very nearly there anyway.

What’s left to do? Well, we still need a new desk, a mirror to go above the desk, a blanket for our bed, a new lamp for the bedroom, a clock, coat racks, and a bunch of cushions for the bed/sofa. Whew!

That’s probably another £1000 worth of items, if I’m realistic, so I need to prioritise. I’ve decided to get the Jielde lamp in mint for the bedroom, make a quilt for the bed, and then slow the pace on redesign so I can invest in other (non-house) things.

I recently bought some black curtains and hacked bedside tables for the bedroom, but beyond that, I’d been stumped for how to decorate. I knew I wanted the room predominantly black and white, but right now it’s crying out for some colour. After deciding on a mint lamp, the rest clicked into place. I’m going to get the lamp and try this approach to make a black and white quilt with mint green trim. I also love the splash of neon pink in the first shot, so I think I may throw some pink in for balance.

Here’s to hopefully seeing more fashion posts in 2014!

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