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I sometimes have quiet obsessions that I don’t write about on the blog. Either I’m trying to wait until I can source the item for my own home, or it’s something much more interesting, like a larger project that I want to fully develop before I share. In the case of brass lighting, this is a DIY project that I wanted to do and couldn’t find the necessary parts, so that project died on its ass (so to speak). It’s also a matter of determining what type of light I’d like to make since I don’t have any hanging fixtures in my flat that I can swap out.

These are all PPs (personal problems).

I want to go ahead and share this current crush with you because I just looked up and realised that I’ve been researching it for about 3ish hours tonight, alone– the least I can do is share a part of what I’ve found. There are quite a few DIY tutorials around creating brass fixtures. They have varying levels of difficulty and, more significantly, call for varying levels of product quality. What I mean by that is that some call for plastic parts, which I’m not a fan of. I think the reason for this is that you can’t find some of the parts in brass!! Hence, why I haven’t been able to do this project… yet.

Designer, LIndsey Adelman, has done something interesting with this. She has a beautiful range of brass lighting (all shown above) that you can build yourself. NIfty, eh? It’s almost like a full-on DIY, and I’ll be that having to build it yourself reduces the costs. I love it. She offers five different styles of the make-it-yourself lights, and each one suits a different need. She offers chandeliers like you see above, but also clamp lamps and a sconce style.

I think what really finishes the look off is a beautiful light bulb. Have you ever thought about how beautiful the design of a light bulb can be? Maybe I’ll save that for another post!

Photos courtesyΒ LIndsey Adelman


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