Bringing Debbie Carlos’ ‘Peripheral Vision’ to London

The exhibition is here! I spoke to you at the beginning of February about how I hoped to do an exhibition with works from Debbie Carlos, and I’m happy to tell you that the show is up! And hung by my very own hands, may I add.

I decided to hang the show on bulldog clips because the photos are very large scale, and I feel that they have a really lovely impact when they’re hung vert simply. These prints are actually for sale at a very modest price (under £50, but I can’t remember the exact figure), so if you wanted to hang one in your home, bulldog clips would be a great option for you!

The exhibition is called Peripheral Vision, and Debbie offers the following statement for the show:

“I have always sought to capture moments, but not necessarily the moments we are looking for. It is the split second before or after something happens, the things we see but also miss. I focus on the moments of quiet observation, contemplation, of humour, or play in order to make sense of my connection to the world. My photographs cut out these pieces of in-between time, and weaves together to create the story.”

I’m so pleased to have been a part of bringing Debbie’s work to London. The exhibition is in Lomography’s Basement Gallery East, and can be viewed through March 27th.

Please visit Debbie’s website and blog to admire some of her other work.

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