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A Character-Filled Barcelona Apartment

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In writing this blog, I like to talk about the things I like and what I’m up to, but underneath that, I’m all about featuring obtainable designs for real-life people. I look at this house tour of Elina Vila D’Acosta-Calheiros and Ginés Gorriz’ Barcelona apartment, and my initial thought is that the design is incredibly beautiful and the features in this apartment are stunning (molding, flooring, tall ceilings, etc). My second thought is that this must be a very expensive look to achieve! Undoubtedly, this couple spent a great deal of time and money in getting their flat to this stage, and it doesn’t hurt that Vila D’Acosta-Calheiros is an interior designer.

I have to remind myself that for most people, this type of aesthetic doesn’t happen over night. As I’ve said with my living room, it took me a year to get to this point, and there’s still so much to do. Half of the battle is figuring out what you like. After that, you can go at your own pace to acquire the pieces you want– no need to rush yourself and break the bank. If you take a redesign in small chunks, it makes for much more manageable bites, and each change does a little to make your living space better as you go along.

Quickly researching the chairs in this dining room as an example, I was able to find a fairly affordable version of this wishbone chair design (£129/chair as opposed to £500+ for an original), so it’s definitely possible to find some of the designer pieces you want for less. Then maybe buy one chair here-and-there until you have your full set– you’ll feel so rewarded once you acquire all of them. Be ambitious and embrace the process!

House tour via Dwell

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