City Break to Copenhagen

My husband and I took a quick trip to Copenhagen over the weekend and now I’m typing to you to tell you about the good time we had! It’s basically interior design heaven if you’re into the same styles as I am. While it’s quite a pricey city for food, it’s pretty tasty, and the coffee is yummers.

We spent two days walking around the city center, and here are some of my highlights in case you’re thinking of planning a trip for yourself!


Designmuseum Danmark
Some people are big on going to museums, but this was everything I could wish for as a furniture-lover. They had an exhibition on Wegner when we were there, which was full of delicious Danish design classics. My husband and I thought it totally kicks the London Design Museum’s ass.

Ooh, HAY. It seems like every design store in Copenhagen carries HAY products, but it’s worth going to their showroom to see their full collection. In particular, the store is a dream for anyone who loves stationery. They have a rainbow of notebooks, staplers, scissors and so much more. We fell in love with this paper mache bust and snapped him up.

As soon as I walked in this store I knew I was in trouble. I got this panicked feeling where I started quickly looking from place to place and speaking fast because I couldn’t decide what to focus on first. If you love fonts, you must go there– we bought two prints! Two! I don’t even know where they’re going to go.


While you’re near Playtype, you may want to have breakfast of lunch at Granola. It has great French vibes, and it’s one of the more affordable places we ate in the city.

This was the first place we ate when we arrived at the recommendation of our Airbnb hostess. It was a great atmosphere and good food. There were plenty of good design shops around TAXA as well– to be honest, good design shops are everywhere.

Brødflov Konditori
This is a sweet cafe/bakery in the Frederiksburg district. There’s not a whole lot in this area in the way of site-seeing, but it’s where our Airbnb was, and we were very happy to discover Brødflov’s gorgeous coffee and breakfast. I recommend the cinnamon buns and a cortado (that’s like a flat white, but stronger).

We found Tight on the last night. It ranks very high for Copenhagen restaurants on Trip Advisor, and given how expensive food is across the city, the price isn’t too bad. As a bit of a treat we got their 5 course taster menu, which I recommend for a special dinner. As it’s so tasty, the restaurant books up, so try to call ahead for a table if you can.

I hope this offers a little help for anyone thinking about spending a couple of days in Copenhagen. We were able to see so much just be walking around, so I recommend doing just that! Think of a couple of destinations you’d like to see and just walk around! Make sure you wrap up tight if you go in the winter!


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