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Before I tell you about CRU Kafe, I just want to say that we have potentially found our new flat and I am drafting a post to tell you all about it. There are still a few details to finalise, but it’s very exciting times. You can look forward to many posts of me fretting about DIYs and room design in the future! Now…

I left off one of the gastronomic discoveries from my post on the the FEAST festival last weekend because I wanted to give it a solo shout-out. We met three lovely people from the coffee start-up CRU Kafe who make coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines. My husband, Tom, and I are big coffee-lovers and we also own a Nespresso machine, so we were keen to learn more when we saw their stand.

Nespresso machines/pods are a heavenly invention (Indriya is my favourite flavour), but I’ve always wondered why there weren’t many alternative brands to choose from and, more importantly, fresher options. Enter CRU.

CRU craft complex coffee blends using organic, Arabica beans. I don’t want to get out of my depth attempting to explain the complexities of the flavours, but in drinking a few cups I can say that I found it fruity and flavourful. When you open the bag, you’re hit with a gorgeous waft of ground beans– quite different to opening a box of the Nespresso brand pods, which smells of nothing. CRU’s Flat White blend is specifically designed to be had as a flat white, in that the flavours they’ve combined should “cut through the milk.” I think I personally rather have it as a straight espresso shot since I like a stronger a flavoured flat white, so I’m interested in tasting their espresso blend coming out soon. Tom tends to have a double espresso, and he really loves this blend as espresso shots, so you can really have it either way.

His only critique is that the water seems to trickle through a bit slower than with the Nespresso pods– I’m not sure if this is due to the size of the grind, or if this has any effect on the machine, but that’s the only “negative,” if you can call it that.

As with Nespresso pods, you’ll have to find the CRU pod that suits your taste, but the organic, fresh nature of CRU makes them well worth trying. Presently, they only have the flat white blend, but they mentioned that more are on the way soon! You can order them online and the price is comparable to the Nespresso brand pods. They also have a subscription service, which is slightly cheaper.

Do you have a Nespresso machine? What’s your favourite flavour?

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    August 10, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    Yayy for finding a new flat, I hope it all works out!! xx

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