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Curating Couch Cushions


Have you ever noticed how extremely expensive couch cushions are? And on top of being individually expensive, you have to buy several of them to get the desired look. Anyway, I’m turning my attention to acquiring cushions for our new sofa. I don’t want to just run out and buy a bunch of cushions to do the job because, on top of being costly, I want to make sure I find some cushions that I really like.


You may recall that I mentioned I want a mostly black and white theme for the living room. The new rug adds a lot of colour, but there is a distinct black and white pattern in it. We currently have a multi-coloured throw blanket from Zara in the living room, but I want to move it to the bedroom and replace it with a black and white throw blanket to take it away from being too colourful— maybe this one? If I do that, and get some black and white cushions, I think the predominantly black and white theme will become really clear.


Hunting around, I’ve seen a few cushions I like, but I don’t want anything too busy since the rug is quite bold. I also don’t want anything that I keep seeing around everywhere. With that said, I did order the above cushion from Ikea, which isn’t exactly exclusive, but I like it anyway.


I’m going to keep looking around at other black and white rooms and see what inspiration I find. I’m also thinking I want a leather pillow in a similar shade to our brown pouf. I’m seriously all over the map.

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