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Do you ever get so excited when you discover something new that you’re heart starts racing? I couldn’t wait to share this with you! I was hunting down the source of a beautiful mirror the other day and ran across the delicious Danish home designs of OYOYΒ in the process. This settles it– I love Denmark. I had a lovely time in Copenhagen and every time I find some kind of design I love, it’s invariably Danish. I told my husband last night that we should just run away and live there!

OYOY design fab home accessories, so the furniture you see in the photos above is not their work. Focus your eyes on the lovely textiles and the cork/wooden accessories. It’s a Scandinavian dream! Unfortunately, they don’t have their own web shop, so you’ll have to find one near you that carries what you’re after. They have some helpful links to web shops and locations around the world on their website if you spot something you’ve got to have. Hope you like!

Photos from OYOY

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