Debbie Carlos Exhibition Coming to London





47_roseouttakes-17It occurred to me last night that there are a lot of things I neglect to talk about on here! It’s not on purpose, I promise. One thing I haven’t mentioned is that sometimes I get to curate small gallery shows in East London. Here is some work from an artist that I’m hopefully going to be working with next. The show is very much in the early stages of planning, but I couldn’t wait to share with you.

I’ve been admiring the photography of Debbie Carlos for a while now, and I recently got in touch with her about bringing her work to the UK. She’s based in Michigan, and some of her beautiful shots have been featured on a couple of my favourite design blogs/pinners.

Hopefully the show becomes reality and I can share more details later. Either way, you should definitely check out her work (and even buy some if you feel so inclined).


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