Der Blaue Reiter: The SS16 Bobo Choses Collection

Presenting SS16_5

I discovered Bobo Choses while I was pregnant and looking for cute baby clothes. For my budget, it’s a little pricier than I would like for baby clothes because they outgrow things so fast, but it’s a brand I’ll be looking at when Winter is older and staying in his clothes for longer. Bobo Choses’ spring/summer collection is making it very difficult for me not to break this rule, however. I went to school for art history and this collection is all about art. Matisse, dada, German expressionism, and more in all its glory!

dada shirts

The colours and patterns in this collection are amazing. One of the big visual references for this collection are the Matisse cutouts. Duchamp is one of my favourite artists, so the dada shirt excites me. Though I imagine most people would see it and think it’s talking about daddies. Bobo Choses also do homewares, so you could snap up a jazzy rug or cushions if that better suits your needs.


One thing I’ve started to do (and I wish I started while I was pregnant) is to shop ahead for Winter’s clothes. So when there’s a sale on winter clothes, I’ll buy things in a bigger size to take advantage of the price. I’ve also started applying this to buying clothes that are too cute to pass up that I know will disappear once the season is over. Just yesterday I snapped up a backpack for Winter from Zara because it’s so cute. He’s only 4 months, but he can get use out of it later, and I would have been gutted down the line that it’s not available anymore. This Bobo Choses collection is so up my street that I might have to pick up a few of the kids clothes before it’s gone forever!

Photos via Bobo Choses

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