Designer Bibs by Billy Bibs

114455Continuing on the topic of bibs, I thought I would share some designer bibs I stumbled across last week. These are made from a U.S.-based company called Billy Bib. You probably don’t want your spitting up baby in one of these beauties all day every day, but they’re great to put on when you go out.

They’re a genius idea because when I dress my son up to go out, I don’t like to put a bib on him. Normal bibs don’t complement his look (superficial, I know), and what inevitably happens is that he spits milk down his shirt, or drools so much that I have to keep a towel handy. Though most of the bibs Billy Bibs have on offer are for girls, there are some that are gender neutral. They’re a great way to keep your little one looking cool without sacrificing the practical need for a bib.

They make lovely gifts– I know because I just gave one. Head over to their website to have a look yourself. They also make adorable Peter pan collars for older kids!

Photos via Billy Bibs and Marlow and Mae

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