DIY Valentine’s Heart Piñata

how to make a heart pinataI’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide what I wanted to feature for Valentine’s Day and, having wanted to make a glamorous piñata for some time, I’ve decided to share a DIY for a heart piñata as inspiration for you to give your sweetie. The thing I love about this idea is that it works as a fun way to give treats to a group of people as well. If you want to bring treats to work or if you’re hanging out with friends for Valentine’s, you could have a blast bashing one of these open!

This DIY is very forgiving. No need to worry too much about measuring if you don’t want to, which is exactly my style.

You’ll need:
a flattened box
a gluestick
something to write with
a pack of tissue paper
masking tape
a bowl (or a heart template or your eyes)

I used a bowl to start off my heart outline. In a fairly freehand way, I overlapped two circles and connected it at the bottom to complete the heart shape. You can do this however you like! Once you cut your first heart, you can use it as a template to cut out a second heart so they match. You’ll need to cut a flap in one of your boxes which will allow you to fill your piñata with treats after it’s built.

Next, cut a long strip that will go around the edge of your box. My strip is about three fingers wide. Don’t worry about making it the perfect length– cut a long strip and you can cut off the excess later. If it’s too short, you can add another strip and tape over the seam.

My strip had a few folds in it, so I placed one of those in the dip of my heart as a starting point. To start, sit one side of your heart on the table and tape the strip around the edges in what will be the inside of the box. Sit the other heart on top and then tape everything in place to form your heart box. Don’t forget to tape your string on for hanging at this point, as well!


Now to the glamorous part… Cut your tissue paper into long strips about two fingers wide. Cut slits along the length of the tissue paper strips and then glue them onto your heart, starting from the bottom (the point) and work your way up (to the humps). Finally, add tissue strips to the sides.

Et voilà!

diy heart pinata

Take your leftover tissue paper and cut it into confetti to add to your candy filling– it adds a little drama to when you bust your piñata open! To elevate your piñata even more, I suggest filling it with nicer chocolates like Ferrero Roche, which I’m obsessed with.

This took me a couple of hours to make, so I reckon this is a great project to do while watching a good movie and drinking a glass of wine.

Happy crafting!

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    Ice Pandora
    February 19, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    What a sweet and fun and playful DIY c:
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