DIY Wardrobe with Copper Clothing Rack

diy copper clothing rack

Moving into our new flat, we found ourselves facing a space problem that is probably familiar to a lot of residents of the UK: our flat has no closets. In our case, this isn’t the worst thing that could happen because I’m not a huge fan of closets… or drawers, for that matter.

What I’ve always wanted was shelves to put my clothes on so that I can see everything I have clearly, and easily flick through my options. With drawers, I end up rummaging around and making them untidy, or never putting my clothes in them at all! When we were planning for the new flat I took the decision that instead of buying a chest of drawers, we would hang shelves. For Tom, who likes to hang his shirts, I thought we’d try out this DIYย to make a clothing rack.

Here is my version of an explanation if you’d like to try one for yourself…

diy copper clothing rack

I wont be hyper-prescriptive about the lengths of copper you need because you can make this in any size you like. What you need are 2 copper pipe T’s and 2 copper pipe elbows that match the diameter of your pipes. The pipes I used are 22mm x 200 cm.

You’ll have to buy long pipes and cut them yourself with a hacksaw, which is the hardest part of the project. B&Q did not offer this service, but thankfully my husband could help! Each of your section lengths can be any size you like as long as you coordinate them like I’ve labeled below. The middle bar is important for stabilisation, so don’t skip out on that! If you need a rough guide on measurements, here’s an approximation of what we cut our pipes to:

A= 40cm
B= 100cm
C= 25cm

copper clothing rack diy

Once you cut all of your pipes, lay them out as they will fit together and string your rope through the outer pipes. Once you’re ready to slot everything into place, use a little cement glue in the elbows and T’s for extra hold.

diy copper clothing rack

The last step is the hang it from the ceiling! I don’t want to offer any advice on this because everyone’s ceilings are different, and you will need to find the most stable solution for your home. Someone at your local DIY shop should be able to assist you there.

diy copper clothing rack

Here’s the final product! We bought a few baskets from Ikea to store shoes under the shelves, and a rattan laundry basket from Habitat. It does leave your wardrobe on display, but this don’t bother me at all. It looks surprisingly tidy and spacious within the context of our bedroom. We still have a bit of work to do there, so I won’t show full pictures in context, but so far this has been my dream closet solution!

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    It looks amazing! Your style & design taste is incredible!

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      Thanks so much, Jenny! Hope you’re doing well xx

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