Easy & Delicious Breakfast Partfait Recipe

I’m not very big on breakfast, which is quite naughty. I know that it’s an important way to start your day, but my day tends to start with me ripping out of bed and rushing out of the door, and there’s not much time for breakfast between ripping and rushing.

On a weekend, I’ll sometimes have breakfast, but even then I find myself stumped because I don’t have a go-to breakfast standard. I was picking up some dinner in the grocery store last and decided to impulse-purchase some strawberry yoghurt and granola-nut mix for breakfast since I occasionally enjoy those two items separately, and I know that they also go together. This was an excellent decision that led to me making this gorgeous parfait this morning.

Yoghurt, berries, granola, and bananas have great health benefits, so they combine wonderfully to make superfood breakfast. The best part is that you can interchange your fruits and yoghurt to make a parfait to suit your taste. I think I’ll try one in the future with Greek yoghurt which is meant to be very good for you.


1 individual cup of strawberry yoghurt
1 banana
granola mix (mine has pistachios and other nuts mixed in)


Scoop a few tablespoons of granola in the bottom of a clear glass (so you can see your lovely layers). Once you’ve coated the bottom with granola, create a layer with yoghurt, then banana. Keep creating layers until you have your desired portion or run out of ingredients. With a one-portion yoghurt cup, I was able to get two sets of layers, and that was enough for me.

Don’t forget this recipe is super flexible. If you like blueberries, use those. If you like raspberries, go for it! Mix and match the fruit, granola and yoghurts that you love best. It’s a very healthy and filling breakfast. It might even become my weekend staple!

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Easy & Delicious Breakfast Partfait
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    June 18, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    I hate breakfast too, but I think I could eat this!

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