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Easy Hot Oil Treatment for Unhappy Hair of All Types

I don’t often delve into the world of beauty blogging, but the main point of my blog is to share my current obsessions and how to affordably achieve them, so here goes…

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere, and that can mean that your hair takes a beating with dry weather and your lovely locks rubbing up against your coat and scarf. My hair has been very dry lately, and I cry for the state of my ends. I’m fairly lazy when it comes to doing my hair, so if I’m going to take steps to revive it, they need to be easy.

No matter what colour you are or what type of hair you have, your hair requires nutrients and moisture to stay healthy. If your hair has been a bit dry/lacklustre lately or if you frequently colour your hair, I recommend a hot oil treatment to give your damaged hair a moisture boost.

What the hell is a hot oil treatment?

Glad you asked. Simply put, it’s where you put warm oils in your hair before your normal wash routine to help repair damaged hair and add moisture. The process takes around 30 minutes, and I recommend doing it once a week if you can be bothered.

Different oils carry different properties, so depending on what your hair needs are, you may want to experiment with different things. Today I’m using a mix of avocado, jojoba and vitamin E oil. My hair LOVES avocado oil, but I recommend trying out different oils until you find the one your hair loves. I’ll recommend some different oils at the bottom of this post.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s not a steadfast formula for a hot oil treatment. You can use so many different oils and combine them in so many ways. Also, depending on how much hair you have, you’ll need different quantities to coat all of your hair. Here’s the recipe for what I did today, but you can change and adjust however you like– there’s absolutely no harm in it.

My Hot Oil Treatment Recipe:

~30ml avocado oil
~30ml jojoba oil
5 drops vitamin e oil

Boil a small pot of water. Mix your oils in a glass/cup and place the glass in the water to warm up, stirring occasionally. When your oil is pleasantly warm, remove and apply to your hair. Don’t microwave the oil because it will lose nutrients and most likely get too hot. There’s a bit of debate on whether to apply the oil to wet or dry hair and I’m not sure if there is a correct answer, but I apply mine to dry hair.

Now that you’ve covered your hair in the oil and combed it through, place a plastic shower cap on your head and let the oil sit for around 20 minutes. For added warmth, I like to run a washcloth under hot water and place that over the cap.

Don’t worry about your hair being oily because the final step is to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you normally would. Et voila: hair on the road to recovery!

As promised, here are a few other oils you may want to try:

Jojoba oil– Similar in structure to the natural oils that your scalp produces, and helps to fight dryness and dandruff. Good for all hair types.

Avocado oil– Rich in nutrients (vitamins A, B, D and E) and protein. Combats brittle, damaged hair and promotes growth.

Olive oil– One of the biggest pros of olive oil is that it’s easy to find and fairly affordable. Gives moisture boost with fatty acids and vitamin E.

Coconut oil– Helps add shine and great for adding a layer to keep in moisture. Rich in vitamin E.

Castor oil– Stimulates hair growth and fights against split ends.

Almond oil– Full of fats that help combat brittle hair.

Argan oil– Helps to improve elasticity, repair breakage and reduce frizziness. Also good for your skin! Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. A little pricey, though!

Grapeseed oil– Good to help combat dandruff and restore your natural moister balance.

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    December 31, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    I’ve never been happy with my lackluster hair, so maybe I need to try this. I’ll mix coconut and argan oil, and luckily, they’re all easy to find. Thanks for the tip, and I hope you have a wonderful new year!

    • Reply
      Ferren Gipson
      January 1, 2015 at 3:58 am

      Let me know if you try it! I think if you do it once a week you should see some lovely results.

      Have a wonderful new year xx

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