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Factory Windows Walls

Over the last few months I’ve been house hunting online. Now, I live in London and this will be our first home purchase, so buying a house feels basically impossible (don’t get me started on this subject!), but I like to look every day in the event that something magical appears. Occassionally, I find something that is sort of appealing and I do that thing where you cock your head to the side, squint your eyes, and say “I can kinda work with this.”

I found a house like this a few weeks ago (we didn’t buy it), andย I allowed myself to imagine what I would do to get the flat to an acceptable state. I suspect that it was a former industrial building that was converted into a residence (not like a sexy warehouse, though), and it was cut up really funny. There was a lot of space, but the windows were all to the front on the house, with none in the back. (It was actually pretty shitty, to be honest– there were two kitchens and all kinds of weirdness.) While I was researching solutions to redesign the layout, I became obsessed with these factory window walls. I feel like they give you an opportunity to divide your space, but still allow light to pass through rooms. If you need privacy, you could just pull a curtain. This would be great for someone with a studio flat, or if you have a giant-ass room, that you need to partition without losing light.

I think these might be a bit expensive, but worth saving up for if you like the industrial look. I’ve definitely added this to my list of fantasy things to have in my dreamย home.

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