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Fiber Art by Jujujust

At this point, I’m starting to piss myself off with the house decorating. It’s beginning to feel like an unwinnable quest, and I don’t like that. Every time I feel like I’ve gotten my need/want list down to a few semi-manageable items, I discover some new website or piece of furniture that I have to have. I recently made a short list of what was left to get and you know what I did? Spent £300 on something that wasn’t on the list! Namely, this beautiful leather bench.

We did get a black Eames Hang-it-All for Christmas, so that’s checked off, but I still need/want (it’s hard to separate the two at this point) the rest of the items on the list. I’m saying all of this to say that I’ve found another thing that I really want, and knowing myself, it could easily be purchased before the other items because LOOK HOW PRETTY!

These are fiber wall art pieces available by Jujujust on Etsy. I NEED THIS. At least one! I started a Pinterest board that includes some fiber art pieces by a few other artists, but I really enjoy the colours in these pieces. I think one could be really good friends with our boucherouite rug, no?


My name is Ferren, and I have a decorating addiction.

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