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Good House Plants for Low Light

I’ve had a complicated series of thoughts that led to me looking for a house plant today. Basically, I’ve been wanting a plant in the house for a while now and with Christmas coming up, I thought I could maybe get a cute house plant as an alternative Christmas tree (killing two birds with one stone, etc).

Our flat doesn’t receiveย any direct sunlight and is quite low on light in general, so I need to find something that can thrive in those conditions. I’ve looked around and it seems that there are 5 or so plants that fit this description. The two most attractive options (to me) are a philodendron and a snake plant (shown above).

What I really want is a tree, but I can’t really find any trees that meet my requirements, so the next best option is a tall plant. I don’t have a green thumb at all (is there such thing as a black thumb?) so after reading about caring for both plants, it seems that the snake plant is the most resilient. It doesn’t need much light or watering— I’m in. It also seems to grow taller than the philodendron.

I’m not sure how great it would be as a Christmas tree, but I think it’s a good fit for the rest of the year. I’ll log this away on my ever-growing wish list.


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