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Hairpin Leg Desks


I have a new crush: hairpin legs. I think this is another design element we can thank the mid-century modern style for. We have a console table right now that is failing at functioning as the desk that we’re using it as. It’s a little too short to sit at and there’s not quite enough surface area. I didn’t buy it to function as a desk, but over the years, it seems that is what it is turning into.

What I like about our current table is that it’s not too wide, so it doesn’t take up as much room as a proper desk typically would. I’ve seen that these hairpin tables are very easy to DIY, so I’m thinking that we might (after the holidays) get some wood cut and try to build one of these ourselves. I’m usually not very good about seeing DIY projects through, but this looks really straight-forward. I keep telling myself that it would essentially be the same principle as putting together a flat-packed desk. If we decide to do this, I’ll definitely update.

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