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Having a Weak Hair Moment


I’m having a moment with my hair right now. I’m frustrated with it, and it’s so short that the only thing I could do to change it is shave it off. That might seem drastic, but I’ve actually hit this point in my life several times before. I quite like having a shaved head, but what I’m really trying to do is grow a big, gorgeous, Diana Ross of an afro. It’s sooo hard to get past the various awkward stages of growing out your hair!

This is the millionth time I’m giving this a go, but I’m armed with two new weapons this time that I hope will help. I’m transitioning from my straightened to my naturally curly hair by curling the straightened hair to blend it in. This way I can maintain some length in the meantime. I’m also finding hair idols for each stage I’m at, like I discussed earlier, so that I can love my current hair instead of being sad that it’s not big and luscious.

This lovely lady is going to help me through my current hair phase. She’s looks tres adorable. I need to be strong in my plans and be FIERCE.

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