Heirloom Child/Baby Blankets by Roxy Marj

roxy marj Heirloom blanket roxy marj

Prepare your mind for the awesomeness that is these blankets by Roxy Marj. I came across these quite accidentally as I was looking at Instagram and I think they’re so unique and beautiful! First, I like the fact that I haven’t bumped into the designs before. Sometimes you see something you like, and then you see it again… and then again… and again. It kind of puts you off wanting to get something if you think it’s going to be in every home you walk into. I also like that the original blanket I came across (the top photo) has the option for little magnets in the paws so that a little one can wear the blanket as a cape when they’re older. This makes these perfect for babies and toddlers.

Roxy Marj refers to these as “heirloom blankets”, and I’d say that sounds about right. I feel like these would be the sort of blankets that you would hang onto forever because they’re like little works of art! Each one is handmade, and the top leopard design is a limited edition collaboration with Candy Kirby Designs, who has some other lovely children’s items on her site.

So, how much will these set you back? Including shipping, you’re looking at around the £110-120 mark for UK shoppers. A bit pricey, yes, but a lovely investment for a beautiful blanket for your little one to play and rest with.

Photos courtesy of Candy Kirby Designs and Roxy Marj websites

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