How to Stuff a Moroccan Pouf


As promised, here’s an update on the new poufs. When I asked the merchant we bought them from what to stuff them with, he was charming, but vague. I think he said something to the effect of, “whatever you have lying around!” Then when I googled it yesterday, I got a cute, but unhelpful video about stuffing them with coconut fibers. Who the hell has coconut fibers?! I’ve got a real-life solution for you…


In a way, “whatever you have lying around” is a good answer. If you have any old clothes, grocery bags, rags, or newspapers, these will serve as great stuffing. I decided to cut up my old canvas rug into strips and pair that with newspaper for filling. In London, we have two free newspapers a day, so I just grabbed a cheeky stack. Free filling!


Ball up your rags and newspaper and stuff them in. At first I tried folding the rug strips to place at the top of the pouf because I was worried it would be lumpy, but that made it too flat. You want that nice, rounded top, so just ball up your materials and fill it in nice and tight. Don’t overstuff it or you could break your zipper!

Once you’ve packed it nice and tight, zip it up! Don’t worry if the shape isn’t totally perfect yet because it will settle a bit with use. After a little while, you might want to top it up with a little more stuffing.

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