Ikea Expedit Makeover

If you’re very observant, you may have noticed that I’ve only posted pictures of my living room from one angle. That’s because until recently, the right side of our living room looked like THIS…


Awful, right? Let me just tell you that this mess was actually a huge improvement on what was there before. Before this we had a terrible table with music equipment piled on and around it. It was taking up a lot of our living space, so we got two Expedit bookcases from Ikea and did a little hacking to attach a shelf on the back to hold the speakers.

The bookcases have been great, but the giant cubbies expose a lot of wires and other unattractive things we need to store. I previously mentionedย some ideas about how I wanted to address this, but once we put the door inserts in, I had a change of heart. I may still put some mid-century legs on them, but I’ve decided against the panel inserts and the teak handles. Instead, I DIYed some leather handles in the same shade as our brown Moroccan pouf. It’s so much cleaner to look at! It was a quick/cheap job, and was totally worth it.

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