I’m Writing Articles on Medium

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I posted this photo over the weekend. This is a little glimpse of the nook of my living room that I never photograph because it needs a lot of work!

Looking at my blog, it would seem that I haven’t been writing very much this week, but I’ve actually just discovered the social blogging siteΒ Medium, and have been writing over there! It’s a great platform for me to talk about the things that don’t quite make sense for me to blog about on here, like marketing or any other critical articles that I may think up. Nothing will change on the ArtCream site, but if you are interested in reading my thoughts on more professional topics, I wanted to invite you to find me there.

On an ArtCream note, my house was photographed this past weekend for Made.com, and I can’t wait to share that tour with you. I’ve also been working on some new products that I look forward to sharing soon. Product development is a painfully slow process, turns out.

Onwards and upwards, dear readers.

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