Introducing Solids

Now that Winter is officially 4 months old, I’m able to start introducing him to solids. Coming to this decision has been a bit confusing because a few years ago, doctors recommended introducing solids from 4-6 months and now the official line is to wait until 6 months. There are also several sources that say that it’s still fine to introduce solids from 4 months based on whether or not your baby is showing certain indications that they’re ready. Talk about confusing!

Older generations would introduce food earlier as a way of satisfying hungry babies and aiding with sleep. I happen to have a very hungry baby who doesn’t sleep for long stretches at night, so now that he’s showing the signs that he’s ready for solids you better believe we’re going to try it out! (The signs vary from place to place so I won’t post them here, but they’re easily google-able and you may also want to talk to your doctor about starting.) I tend to overanalyse things like this, so I’ll share some of the things I’ve decided after some research.

I’ll be introducing new foods spread over time so that I can monitor for allergic reactions. I thought that they could only have baby rice until 6 months, but babies can actually have most fruit and veg! I’m starting Winter on a teaspoon of porridge twice a day, and I’ll be slowly introducing veggies. If he has any sort of reaction or appears to get sick, I’ll pause the solids until he’s a bit older.


As ever, I’m seeing this as another opportunity to seek out cool baby stuff. While visiting Stockholm this past weekend, I popped into the Moderna Museet and picked up this beautiful bib in the gift shop. It’s from a company called Petit Jour, and they have a wide range of cute children’s tableware. This bib design is from their Arty Frog Paris collection. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect plate and bowls, but these were definitely worth sharing.

When did you introduce solids? Any tips?

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