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It’s Time for a New Couch


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I officially hate my couch. I feel like the first step to solving this problem is admitting it. I hate it. It’s not that it’s so offensive in the way it looks; it’s just that it’s just not my jam anymore. We were given the couch for free (always nice) and it’s a fairly neutral brownish colour. It’s served a purpose, but its time has come. Not only am I over the style, but it hurts our butts to sit on it!

So, moving past this discovery, I am faced with the question of what kind of couch I want next. I don’t want anything too crazy that wouldn’t blend in with any future changes I make to the house, so I’m thinking I want to go with something sleek and grey. Then I’ve got to weight up other things like: should it be a sofa bed? How many should it seat? Blah, blah… I’ve been having a look around to see what catches my fancy.






viciously cyd

I think I’ve settled on this beauty from good ‘ole Ikea. WHY ARE COUCHES SO EXPENSIVE? I have 50 million things I could buy with that money besides ONE couch. Alas, the pain in my butt tells me we may need to buy one soon.

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