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Leather Laundry Basket?

I got a new camera yesterday… again. It’s a Zenit SLR and it takes 35mm film. I honestly can’t guess how many cameras I’m up to now. Seven to ten? Something like that?

I was on the Habitat website this morning trying to hunt down a stylish way to store the cameras and have quicker access to them. Right now half of them are taking over my desk and the other half are in a box in the closet due to a lack of space. I did find that beautiful wall shelving at West Elm a little while ago, but I don’t imagine those shelves will be deep enough to hold a camera (or seven).

Right about here you’re probably noticing that I’m talking about shelves, but I’m showing pictures of laundry baskets. While clicking around the Habitat website for the shelves, I found these laundry containers and got completely sidetracked. I’ve never seen anything like this leather laundry bag– doesn’t it remind you a little of a lunch bag? And that colour on the leather is amazing. Then after I was already in love with the leather bag, I saw the rattan basket. It’s so sleak and simple. I’m very much in favour of whites, wood and brown in a bathroom– it seems very “zen” to me.

I won’t tell you what our current laundry basket is, but I will say that it was purchased ironically while Tom was in college– sort of like how I ironically bought Spiderman sheets when I was in college. You getting a picture? We need a new basket.

This isn’t tip-top on my list of things to spend money on (especially as the leather bag rings in at £150), but I’m locking this away in my memory bank. I’m really trying to adapt the approach that if you need to buy something, you may as well get a quality product and only buy it one time. For me that means acquiring things slowly, but as my dad says, “I’ve got more time than money.”

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