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Living Room Decor: Boucherouite Rugs and Moroccan Poufs


We just got home from Morocco last night… around 1:30am… so I’m tired. It was a great experience, and after our photos are processed, I’ll share more details about the trip.

Right now, I’mΒ really excited to share what we bought while we were there! As I mentioned in previous posts, I was on a mission to come back with some beautiful boucherouite rugs (that’s the name for this “rag rug” style). I had no idea what colour to get or what pattern, but I’m happy to share with you one of the rugs we settled on.

Unfortunately, my little camera isn’t doing a great job of conveying the colours to you, so I’ve included a few colour swatches to help enrich the visual. Once the living room comes together a bit more (new curtains, new sofa arrives, etc), I’ll try to take a nice in-progress picture.

We were adamant that there would be a strong black and white element to the rug and that it also had some interesting colours, since we love colour. It came down to this and another, larger rug, but we picked this one because we felt the overall softer palette would go well with the new direction of the living room.

I wasn’t planning on getting any poufs while we were there because I assumed they would be stuffed and we wouldn’t be able to carry them, but they come as shells so I snapped two up because they’re 1/4 of the price we’d pay for them in the UK. We like to recline and have been using our coffee table as an ottoman at times, so this was a practical and aesthetic choice. I actually bought the natural leather pouf before the the rug because I knew I wanted to have some butterscotch-coloured leather accessories; then we chose the bright blue pouf after to pull out one of the colours of the rug as an accent.

I’ll be stuffing the poufs as soon as I figure out the best way to do it and then I’ll update on how they’re looking. I’ll probably get around to posting a picture of the other rug soon as well.

Sweet, sweet victory.

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    October 11, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    so beautiful living room and your rugs

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