Looking to the Future


I realise that I talk a lot about decorating my house on here, and you would think that I don’t have anything else going on in my life. Untrue, I’m afraid. Sometimes there’s a little too much going on in my life and it’s a relief to talk about cushions for my sofa and not think about it.

I’ve just hit a point where it’s time to face a lot of things. The band will be putting out a new release next year and that always comes with a lot of planning. Some things are fun, like planning photos and thinking about branding, and some of it is decidedly unfun. We’ve got a great set of songs together that we can’t wait to share and it’ll be such a relief to get some new music out, but the lead-up to that point is going to be weeerk.

Music is a funny thing for me, because I can’t fully share what we’re up to while we’re working. I wish I could post half-done songs up here, but that would certainly do more harm than good. In the next week or so, I’ll be looking to plan our “look” for the next release, so maybe I can at least share a few mood boards.

Then there’s Christmas, house needs, health, my birthday, family, blaaaah…

Onwards and upwards…

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