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Marjorelle or Klein Blue Paint in the UK

I have a new obsession, and it lives in the form of the truest, bluest colour you will ever see. This colour goes by many names: Marjorelle blue, Klein blue, or Ultramarine. It’s such a rich colour, that it’s easy to get sucked into its royal goodness, and many artists in the past have! Its various names actually come from artists who managed to find ways of mixing the colour, which is apparently very hard to do.

I have some dining chairs (with no table, but nevermind), that I’d like to jazz up with a bit of colour, and this is a prime candidate for the project, but the problem is finding the paint. This isn’t the type of hue that you can have mixed at your local paint store, and despite it’s high prevalence in Morocco, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it knocking around your local DIY shop.

So this post is half-tip, half-question. There’s a place in Bristol that say they produce paint in this colour, but I haven’t personally tried it… yet. I’m sure they can post it to me if need be, but do you know of anywhere else you can get this paint? Additionally, my chairs are partially metal– do I need to treat them in a special way before applying the paint?

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