Mini Update: Dabbling in DIY

I hope you enjoy my little reference to the 90’s classic, “Tootsee Roll”, in the picture there. I felt really clever for that one.

Anyway, I’ve been trying my hand at a little DIY this weekend. I am very bad at DIY. Not because I’m not handy, but because I never finish my projects. This is a terrible trait, and I plan to end that streak with this project. I’m “dip dying” a vintage school desk. I have to put quotation marks around it because there is no dipping or dying involved, but that’s what the look is called. Whatevs.

The desk is very cute, but was looking a little unloved/beat up. Dip dying is a bit trendy, but I don’t care because I like it. I have a few more coats to do on the legs, and then I will post.

Also, our new white curtains should be arriving today. It should really brighten up the room. You may have noticed the brown curtains we have now. It casts a brown light in the room, if there is such a thing. Or it sucks up light… or something. More soon…

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