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Modern Bohemian Bedroom Style

Since we got the new sofa, the living room has really clicked into place. We also re-hung our art to better compliment the layout, which has made a huge difference to the look/feel of the room. Don’t neglect the importance of art to your decor! I’ve been wanting to share all of the new changes with you but my camera is RUBBISH! I really need to sort that out.

There are still a few bits to sort out for the living room. We still need a new desk and something to hang above it. I’m not too bothered by it at the moment because our Christmas tree is beautifying that corner for now.

Even though the living room still needs a couple of things, it’s mostly there, and I’ve decided to start working on the bedroom a bit since it’s the ugly duckling of the house right now. I’d really like to paint the wall in our bedroom black, but we aren’t allowed to paint (boo!). To create a similar effect I decided to replace the ugly beige curtains with black ones. I’m also halfway through a “hack” of the popular Rast dresser from Ikea. It’s already a massive improvement. I’ll post when I finish.

Right now I’m trying to get an idea of what direction I want to go with the bedroom, and I like the look of these rooms a lot. They’re very similar in style, so I feel like I must have a direction– I just need to pinpoint the specific elements that I like.

Black walls, wood accessories, patterned rugs, and… what else? I can’t tell!

I need a new throw blanket and cushions, but I cant settle on a colour or style. I’m really stumped! I need to keep researching.

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