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More Framing with eFrame.co.uk

I have a habit of buying a lot of art and then leaving it for a long time because framing costs can be ridiculous. Last year I bought a couple of Chinese lithographs and hung them with bulldog clips until I could get them framed since they’re both non-standard sizes. I like to collect this kind of art since it was my specialty for my Master’s– it’s really interesting! Shortly after buying these, I picked up two A6-sized letterpress prints from Stephen Kenny. It turns out that A6 frames aren’t as easy to find as I thought, which is how I discovered eFrames.co.uk. You may remember that I framed my Debbie Carlos print with their services.

Their framing quality was great the first time, so I framed three more pieces with them in their teak moulding, including the two prints that led me to discover them in the first place! They didn’t let me down– I’m so pleased with how the frames came out. In fact, I originally picked a frame that was a little too thin for the larger print, and they phoned me to let me know and advise me on a better moulding. Isn’t that lovely?!

So, I still need to frame my other lithograph, which is a slightly smaller size to this one, but I want the frames to be the same size so I have the option to hang them next to each other. I was clicking around the eFrames site to see if it would be possible to get a white backing board and archival tape to float the print, and I can! When you’re on the framing page, just click ‘More Options’ and you can buy all kinds of cool extras.

So the big question is, how much was all of this framing? I’m all about affordability, so I’ll tell you– it was about £65 for all three, which is great. I’m probably not going to hang these until we move flats next month, but I’m so happy to have finally done it. You should definitely check out eFrame if you’ve been looking to frame some work. I think they’re also going to be doing a service soon where you can upload, print and frame your own photos, which sounds cool. I might want to do that with my shot of the ocean I took in Croatia!

Do you have anything you’ve been meaning to frame?

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