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My Personal Uniform


blue shirt / brown trousers / sweatshirt / jeans / black dress / shoes / lipstick

Lately I’m into the idea of establishing a uniform for myself. By that I mean that I want to find a formula of looks that work for me and stick to it. It’s so tempting to be trendy but I find that, like most people, every fashion trend is not my friend. The best option is to find a style that is easy to pull together, always looks polished, and can be accentuated with accessories to mix things up.

After a lot of trial and error, the autumn/winter look that I’m going with this year is going to look a lot like the above: boxy tops, boyfriend cut trousers/jeans, and black dresses. Throw a few accessories with this and a pop of red lipstick, and I find that I look surprisingly presentable. The sweatshirt in the middle is an item I already have in my closet and I love it. It’s actually a small men’s sweatshirt, but I wanted something that would fit snuggly and without too much tailoring. If I wear a little red lipstick with it, the outfit goes from ‘bumming around’ to youthful and chic.

The black dress is an old classic, but I stand by it. My goal is to look as well put-together as possible with the least amount of effort as possible, and a black dress is the most effective garment I’ve found to achieve that. My reality is that I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to labor over what I’m going to wear and to put on make-up, so these looks are my best hope at dressing for success. When you look good, you feel good, and I want to move into the final quarter with all good feelings!

Do you have a personal uniform or favourite go-to style?

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