My (Very Easy) DIY Terrarium


This weekend I went to the Columbia Road flower market in London for the first time. I’ve been on a mission to make a terrarium for a few months now, and it turned out that succulents (which is what the little little plants are called… I’m not weird) were a little tricky to find once I set my mind to it. I went to a few florists and even tried a big box garden center and had no luck. Thankfully, the flower market had the small size I needed, and at only 3 for £5. That’s pretty good considering West Elm charge about £8 each in their shop.

There are a lot of tips and instructions around for making terrariums, but I’m going to give you my very simple tips based on the advice of the lovely plant specialists at the market.

diy terrarium

Some instructions call for rocks, sand, and charcoal for your terrarium. While this can create some nice layers, they’re not all necessary. Also, if you’re working with a small container like I was, keep it simple with the layers because your bowl will fill up quicker than you think. All you need is cactus soil and rocks.

Add a layer of rocks to the bottom, being mindful that it’s not too shallow, or you wont be able to see it from the side once you’re finished.

Add a layer of dirt to cover your rock layer, but not too high. Start positioning your succulents/cacti in the bowl, then fill around them with dirt so that your plants sit securely (no need to pack the dirt tightly). I watered my plants a little to help them sit in place a bit better, but I didn’t add too much because succulents only require watering every 2 weeks, and some of my plants had been watered recently. I mixed some cacti in with my succulents, and they only require watering every 3 weeks, but I was advised that it should be fine because the succulents will take water away from the cacti.

I picked up a couple of other cacti to potentially go on my dining table when it arrives this week, but it’s hard to know whether they will end up there because not much has gone like I planned out in the flat so far. Initially I was a bit upset by this, which sounds silly, but now I’m excited by the opportunity to further hone in on our style. The flat is better off for me editing my decisions. I’ll share a little of my inspiration with you later this week!


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