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New Cushions for the Bedroom from Habitat

Last Friday I went to the Platform Gallery at Habitat for a meeting and accidentally bought two new cushions for the bedroom. How does one accidentally buy cushions? By innocently looking around the store on your way out and then happening across very lovely large-sized cushions that you can’t not buy!

The back of our bed has an open railing thing going on, which makes it basically impossible to prop yourself up in bed with normal pillows. The way I’d been getting around this is by takingย all of the pillows on the bed to make a wall, but when my husband want to sit up as well, I have to forfeit his pillows back to him.

Finding large, firm pillows for the bed has proved more difficult than I thought it would be! The 60x60cm dimension isn’t as common as smaller sizes, and even if you find one, it may be a bit floppy. When I came across these at Habitatย I thought they were such a trifecta of goodness that I had to get them: right size, right firmness, right design. The colours sit very well with the orangey tones of the bedside tables and use similar colours of the rug in that room. I’m actually leaning against one right now as I type, and I’m quite content.

Am I the only one who’s experienced this dearth of big cushions?

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    June 18, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Perfect cushions!!!

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