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New Ikea Ranarp Lamp Collection


Ikea needs to GET REAL. I’d just committed myself to reducing my Ikea intake because I don’t want our house to turn into a page out of their catalogue, and now they’ve gone and released this! I don’t think the house is in danger of looking like an Ikea advert as it stands, but it’s a slippery slope with all of their affordable Scandinavian goodness.

This Β is aΒ looovely collection of lighting with an expectedly confusing name: Ranarp. I’m eyeing up that floor lamp in a big way– it can go right next to the new sofa.

It has a lovely matte white finish which, paired with the gold accents, truly elevates the lamp. As if that wasn’t enough, they went with a black and white cloth cord! It reminds me of the NUD cords.

Good move, Ikea. Good move.

Spotted via Design Sponge.

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