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New Kitchen Plans

The photos haven’t been looking so glamorous lately– sorryboutit. After a week of hard work, we’ve stripped the walls and floors of the flat, knocked down walls, removed a few unnecessary doors, and replaced our front door/locks.

We also met with an Ikea kitchen specialist a few days ago to measure for a new kitchen, and this little corner will soon be home to our new sink, hob, and counters. We’ll also be extending the kitchen area along the chimney breast wall (where the radiators are leaning in the first photo) to make room for the oven, microwave and refrigerator.

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So here’s the plan! We’ll be using Ikea cabinets throughout, but getting special plywood fronts made for the base cabinets in a deep olive green colour by Little Greene. I don’t want to draw too much attention to the white cabinets, as they’ll be visible from the living room area, so we’re going with very plain cabinets with small, black knobs on the fridge and oven towers only. I love the look of that globe light from West Elm, so I’m thinking of having one drop light over the sink, with spotlights in the rest of the kitchen area. I can’t decide about the backsplash– I have half a mind not to have one so it’s not too busy, but if we do one, it’ll be simple white tile with white grout. Behind the sink, we want the entire wall to be covered in giant pegboard.

While we wait on the new kitchen, our priority is to get the floors sanded and painted, and to get the walls plastered and painted. Can we do the bulk of it before our mid-January move? Hard to say…

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