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personal library kit personal library kit

I love books.

I love books so much, I have a tattoo of a dancing book on my wrist. I typically buy them in threes, and it’s my dream to have a library full of books some day. When I was flicking through a catalogue of products a few months ago, I ran across these personal library kits and loved the idea! It’s such a fun idea to loan books out like this! I’ve loaned out so many things in life and have forgotten where they went, so this is really useful!

Also, I think it’s a cute idea to include one with every book you gift. Instead of writing on the inside cover, stick on a little pocket with the recipients name and their own checkout card. IT’S LIKE A DOUBLE GIFT!

If you love books too, check it out x

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    December 21, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    such a cute idea! love it!

    xo Christine

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