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Nude Photography for the Bedroom

So, let’s talk about nudity, shall we?

I spoke the other day about how I’d like to replace the college-student-esque Chinese scroll in my bedroom. I’ve (very quickly) Photoshopped the scroll out of a photo of the room so we can imagine something very different there.

I’ve become intrigued to the idea of nude photography in the bedroom. Partially because I think that if you’re going to have a nude photograph at all, that’d be one of the more private, appropriate places, but also because I think that they can be very tasteful and fierce!

Ever since I saw this Mario Testino collection of prints, I was really drawn to this photo of Patricia Schmid drinking Chanel perfume with a straw. It’s not sexual at all– it’s a high-fashion, empowered shot, which makes it artistic and interesting.Β I also came across the print on the right from a 1963 issue of Vogue. It’s very playful and reminds me of a lazy Saturday morning in bed. I think either of these would look beautiful in a white box frame.

What do you think? Would you ever have any nude photographs in your home?

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