Nursery Planning

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We have a two bedroom flat, but we use our second bedroom as an office so we’ve decided that our little one is going to be sleeping in a corner of our room for the first year-ish. I think it’s recommended to keep them with you for at least the first 6 months anyway, so I’m hoping that this isn’t a crazy decision. Fortunately, our bedroom is a pretty decent size, and I think we should be able to comfortably fit him in without too much shifting around. I think we’ll take down our copper clothing rack and set him up in that area.

Just because he’s sharing with us doesn’t mean I don’t want him to have his own little style, so I’ve been digging around to find a look that I like for him that will also work in our room. I love the look of the rooms above, and I instantly fell in love with a blanket covered in trees, so I’ve decided to go for a slight forest theme.


storageΒ / mobile / print / cot / blanket

I’ve purchased most of this already, but I’m still in the planning stages to complete the look. I’d like to get a bit more colour going, but it’s tricky because it’s recommended that you don’t put any pillows in with baby for a while. I’m thinking the best way to inject more colour will be to hang something interesting next to the print. I was thinking that a paper mache animal head from The Stealthy Rabbit could be nice, but my husband thinks that could be scary for the baby. I’d like something a little more 3-dimensional, so I’ll have to hunt around to see what I can come up with.

For now I think it’s a solid start. it takes into account little things that I think will help keep me organised and save space. IΒ hate using drawers, which is why I opted for a bookcase to store clothes, toiletries, etc. I also don’t think it’s necessary for us to take up space with a changing table, so I’ve gone for a cot-top changer that I can tuck away when it’s out of use. I probably wont start setting things up until Aug/Sept, but I’ll keep you posted as the look develops!

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    Kate ~ Beak Up Crafts
    July 28, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    I love the forest blanket you’ve picked. Planning the nursery has been one of my favourite bits of being pregnant so far. We just need to get some shelves now and we’re done (I think). I don’t think having a nursery is the be all and end all though, as you rightly say baby will be with you for six months or so at least. Looking forward to seeing your room reveal! x

    • Reply
      Ferren Gipson
      July 28, 2015 at 2:38 pm

      Thanks, Kate! It’s definitely fun to think up a style for the babies when they’re on the way! x

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