One Time at Royal Ascot…

royal ascot 2015

My mum and sister are in town visiting me from the States, and last Wednesday we all went to Royal Ascot to see the races. I’d never been before and I was excited to see all the crazy hats and bet on some horses. We didn’t go on Ladies’ Day, which is the most popular day, so unfortunately the hats were quite tame. Lots of fascinators, and only one or two that we worth looking at.

At #RoyalAscot today. The queen has arrived!

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Before the races there is a royal procession, and we were standing in a good place to see everyone come in. I was able to grab this great shot of the Queen getting out of her carriage (she’s the one in blue).

Being nearly 5 months pregnant, I really struggled to find something to wear. Maternity clothes have come a long way since my mum had me, but I’d say they have a little further to go still! There’s really not much for pregnant ladies who need to dress up for nice events. In the end, I went with this white dress which isn’t a maternity dress at all! It’s a very stretchy and forgiving number that I picked up from Asos, and it’s in a size that I should hopefully be able to wear after I deliver if I need to.

All-in-all it was a good day. My horse lost, but I picked the craziest one, so no surprises there. It was just nice to get out and experience something different!

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