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Parisian Apartment Style

When I shared the before-and-after photos of my living room, I talked about how my re-decorating process has been happening (and continues to happen) for over a year. In the course of this time, I’m coming to discover the things I like and don’t like, but what I haven’t quite figured out is what my burgeoning style is called!

I love SF Girl by Bay’s blog/style, and I feel like mine may be similar to hers. She refers to it as “bohemian modern,” so I thought it might beย that? My style is eclectic and features a mix of patterns and textures, so that could be partially right, but when I look up bohemian decorย it doesn’t look like me AT ALL.

The style that I’m starting to think defines the direction I’m heading is the Parisian style. I’ve seen it a couple of times, so I’ve establish that there does seem to be a consistent style. I think it fits in with what I’m doing: pastels, wood accents, slightly industrial…

You may be wondering why I care to define a style at all. Well, it’s helpful to discover new items and ideas when you start getting a handle on what you’re into. I LOVE Scandinavian style, so I always find something I like when I search within that theme. Now I can try to seek out more Parisian inspiration to see what goodies lie in store for me there. Maybe what I like is some kind of Scando-Parisian cross! Cray.

Do you have a favourite style for your decorating?

Images from Bolaget via My Scandinavian Home

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