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Pendant Shade Hunting

I’ve been a bit bored with my living room, so I decided to rearrange my furniture the other day. We’re ‘test driving’ it to see if we prefer it to the other layout. So far I think I do! If we decide to stick with this, I’ll just need to rehang a couple of art pieces behind the sofa, but that’s no big deal.

Now, it’s been on my mind that we really need to sort out a lighting solution for our ugly naked light bulb in this room. I wrote last week about a really fancy (read: expensive) piece that I like, but as I mentioned there, I can’t get anything that’s going to fight with our brass wall art. Well, sure enough, my husband walked in the living room after I rearranged and said, “do you think we should get something for this light bulb?” It’s pretty bad when he starts pointing things out, so I decided to work a little harder to find a solution.

1 / 2 / 3

My main goal is to find something that will give the bulb a more finished look and will not stifle the brightness too much. The other trick is that we can’t swap out the full fixture, so I need to find a pendant shade, not just any ole pendant light. I found these sweet, petite options which I think could fit the criteria.


Which one do you like best?

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    Ariana Shankasaurus (@3twentysix)
    May 21, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    I really like #2 and I’ve seen a lot of DIY’s for it too! I also really like how the living room was before.. feels more open and inviting with the couch in the middle of the nooks. I wish my husband was more open when it came to adding things in our home.. he really doesn’t care as long as he has a place to sit, eat and sleep LOL

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    May 21, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    I like option #1. Totally suits the style of the room. #2 is nice but is too much with the wall light….plus it looks a little farmhousey ( same with #3 ).

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    May 24, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    *chanting* Number 3!….Why?
    # 1 helps the space feel more soft and casual. I’m usually a big fan of paper lanterns, but you got the cozy factor already with the statement blanket and textured rug.
    #2 adds more geometric interest and goes well with the brass wall art. However, there are plenty of lines and angles in the space from the shelves and that awesome wooden side table. Also, with the light on, would the pendant make shadow lines across the room?
    #3 is like a bowl hanging from your ceiling. It’s funny, and who doesn’t like funny. Plus, if you have to take out a few things from the room, I think it can stand alone. It’s transparent and understated, but it has enough weight to it. Circular base, hexagonal body, cylindrical head–whatever shape you want, you got it here.

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      Ferren Gipson
      May 26, 2015 at 4:46 pm

      haha, love the chanting!

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    May 25, 2015 at 2:26 am

    I prefer the #1!

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    June 29, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Number 2!!!!

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