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Peter Pilotto for Target is Pretty Much Everything

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I know life’s not fair– you don’t have to tell me that. But whyyyyy oh why don’t we have a Target in the UK? They’re always doing amazing collaborations with designers to offer affordable home and fashion lines, and I can never get in on the fun.

These pattern-mixed garments of glory are from the store’s latest partnership with London designer, Peter Pilotto. Oh, I see! Just come take our designers and not let us buy their dress, why don’t you?! I say “our,” but I’m American. You get what I’m saying. I’m crazy with rage!

I love mixing and matching patterns, and these garments remove all of the potential horror that can occur when mismatching designs and not knowing what you’re doing. These pieces look like they run between the $30-80 range, which isn’t a lot to invest in a good piece at all.

If you live in the States and are able to go check this line out, do it!

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